Dadi Meister



Sound Engineering

Dadi Meister is a project with a loads of heart. It’s a way to express my feelings of joy as well as my pain of being and self-development through words and melodies. Here I get to the bottom of my existence and boundary experiences – strong twisted emotions packed in pop music in an attempt to make head or tail of it.


Y i p 

Y i p 

I love techno and almost everything electronic. Sometimes you don’t need nothing else but that four on the floor bringing you down to earth or above the clouds. Maybe that’s one explanation for this weird name – sometimes yippie! and sometimes why? – having sophisticated stupid fun…

Booking YipqiY

Soundtrack | Sounddesign

Over the years I got in touch with artists and directors in need of incidental music and sound effects for short movies or theater plays. It’s a great and enjoyable experience to get creative with people of other métiers, provide plays and films with underscoring and to find just the right mood the respective piece demands.

Walks Looking (Teaser)

Maske und Dilemma


Locked (Aspiration)

Locked (Trepidation)




  • Solo artist recording
  • Arrangement
  • Mix
  • Mastering partners


  • Mixing
  • Assistance
  • Setup improvement
  • Monitor consulting