What the heck is a Diddley Bow?

base material

My friend Dirk of DAS IST RÄUDIGE KUNST came to me with the wish to have his own properly handmade Diddley Bow. Since I like building stuff I was all for it.
We sat down a couple of times, him cooking, me sanding and realized this project, see for yourself and find out what that Diddley thingy is:

Sorry for the misspelling of “Diddley” in the video, realizing it after rendering and optimizing I just told the perfectionist in me to f*** off
This video is not a tutorial and only shows part of the process – I hope you enjoy it anyway 🙂
Dirk of DAS IST RÄUDIGE KUNST with the finished Diddley Bow

Hear what it sounds like in the end:

Renovation of the rehearsal room – 90% my work



…in between


music & performance – David Gabelaia