There was a time
When I sneaked away
From the abandoned office building
Where I lived in our rehearsal room
I couldn’t do it back then but luckily
Things don’t ever stay the same way

Now I’m finally free
Though I still have to clean the mess in me
But I am focused, I know what to do
I see the chances given and just wanna say thank you

I never stopped trying to be the best me
And I failed a million times and will continue to do so
But here I walk straight to what I need
You’ll see me vulnerable and I just hope no one misuses it

Now I see surroundings with a clear view
Though it’s a bit blurry now and then
But I get things done, I know what to do
To all the loving people around me: Thank you!

Once in a while I get my shit together and see that – 6x
Changes need time, oh
Changes need time, oh